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Hi, I'm Laura!

…the founder of uFlourish Local (fka uFlourish Digital), and I welcome you to a simpler, more straightforward way of being seen by your ideal audience on the internet. If the term “organic growth” makes you think of the strawberries you bought at the local farmer’s market rather than the traffic headed to your website, then you are my people and you are in the right place!

I promise you that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital content marketing are not secrets known only to big companies and expensive marketing tech gurus. I am here to spill all of the secrets to leveraging your digital presence. Your business can be at the top of the search list and top of mind for your customers.

Along with my team of expert digital marketers, web developers, and social media managers...

I design a custom digital marketing strategy based on your business goals and the unique service you provide. Once developed, we execute the strategy, working on the behind-the-scenes needs of your website, Google My Business site, and social media presence. I share the results with you on a monthly basis using common industry metrics and we discuss what to do next to build on the latest results.

I promise not to throw around industry terms like SERP and Schema Mark-up without explaining exactly what it is, why it is important to your strategy, and how it will bring business to your door. Optimizing your website and the other digital tools you use to get the word out about your service is not complicated, but it does take a skilled team with a teaching approach.

At uFlourish Local, you get a high-touch experience in a high-tech world.

Whether you are local to my hometown of Lebanon, Tennessee, or another town or city across the United States, you will know me personally. You will know my face and my voice through meetings at your conference table, or, if needed, via phone, video conference, or inbox. I am proud to be part of your actual or digital neighborhood and I always look forward to our time together.

Unlike other agencies, I will never promise you a result that I cannot deliver. I am committed to helping you understand the numbers that measure the success of our strategy and making the necessary adjustments to build on your progress. I think it is really important to remember that as your business and the available technology change, your digital marketing strategy will, too.

As you consider working with uFlourish Local might also be thinking, “Yes, but can I afford that?” The cliched answer that some would give you is, “You can’t afford not to!”, but I was never cut out to sell snake oil. I understand that you have to worry about finances. As an entrepreneur like you, it is important to me that our services are accessible to your budget while still offering fair compensation for the high quality of our work. I invite you to schedule a free call with me to talk about your needs. Let’s determine what we CAN do together to improve the visibility of your business today.

For the last nine years, I have been creating and implementing customized and successful SEO strategies for businesses like yours. I started as a content writer, learning to position a business’s Call to Action (CTA), include keywords, and consider keyword searches. I have also been trained as an SEO technician to improve the searchability of websites by Google, Bing, and more. I learned the importance of creating a custom strategy as the surest route to success. That is why you can expect a written strategy that reflects your goals and the unique value of your business in its marketplace.

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