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Google My Business VS Google Business Profile

By July 12, 2022No Comments
why google why

“Why, Google, Why!?”

You may or may not understand the deep frustration that connects the above quote with this picture. If you do understand, I sympathize with you as I have long been dreading this CHANGE from Google…

If you can’t sympathize, well, consider yourself LUCKY. You get to start fresh!

See for me as a Google Profile Manager, I tend to get upset once I finally get the hang of the ebb and flow of a specific service or protocol, and then…


…. out of nowhere…. an UPDATE! 🙄 ‘We’re here to make things easier’ says Google.. that’s great. Thanks. 😑

I am here to give you a short version of what Google has done to us. Transitioning Google My Business to Google Business Profile.


Let’s dive in!

The Biggest Difference Between Google My Business & Google Business Profile

Do you see what I see? 👀 If you've been used to using (or was looking forward to using) the Google My Business App you can say, sayanora sucker! In the past we have been able to utilize the GMB app for instant review replies, messaging with customers, and updates at your fingertips - but now - no more. Now, you can start using your profile on the Google Maps App!

The Google Maps app is pretty much the same as the GMB app. You can continue editing your business info, respond to messages or calls, and set up notifications to your mobile device (both Android and iPhone).

How Do I Navigate Google Business Profile On Desktop?

That’s easy! All you have to do to find your business (or a business you manage) on Google and type in your business name in the Google search bar and your Google Business Profile edit panel will appear!

You will have an opportunity to:

  • Complete your profile
  • Add an update or offer (posts)
  • Add photos
  • See call history
  • Create an ad
  • Create an offer
  • Get more reviews
  • And more!

What New Features Does Google Business Profile Provide?

To be honest, the only major NEW feature is the simplicity of how to access your business profile on Google. For larger companies with multiple locations, they will still be able to access the original Google My Business interface.

I know.. don't be jealous. I'm still trying to get over that. HOWEVER, Google said they just want to keep things simple.

As I know more, I'll keep this blog updated on the latest features that will be coming out.

What Are Some Ways I Can Start Optimizing My New Google Business Profile Today?

Simply access your Google Maps App or search for your business online and begin filling in all of the information for your potential customers to find you and discover all that you offer.

You can:

  • Update your business information (category, description, opening date, contact information, etc)
  • Keep your hours current (including holiday hours)
  • Showcase your products
  • List your services
  • Add photos
  • You can even promote your business with Google Ads!

More questions about Google Business Profile? Send me a message!

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